Getting there:

Flying into Boston Logan airport is probably cheaper from most locations. The drive from Boston to Lubec is around 6 hours driving time, usually takes about 8.

Flying to Bangor, ME, will cost a lot more but get you closer - 2 1/2 - 3 hours' drive. 

We have been informed by reliable sources that there are a series of buses that will probably get you from Boston to within 11 miles of Lubec, if you are fond of bus travel let us know and we'll post details for that here.

If you like taking long walks

Another option

This is a great story about an event that happened in Lubec 20 years ago:


Uh oh:

Staying there:

Good news!  Our plans are beginning to gel, we have found a really great place for the reception, we should have plenty of lobster rolls for everyone and we’ve reserved 4 really nice houses for those of you who need them.  

We’ve set up a Google Sheet to keep track of the available beds.  If the houses are occupied completely they should only be around $30/night per person, but the final cost will depend on how many nights are used.  We will invite each of you to be editors on the google sheet, at your earliest convenience please enter your name in the blocks for the beds you expect to need for each day you expect to be there.  We chose houses that are all within the actual town so they are all close to my family’s house and the town bandstand where we plan to have the ceremony.  There are a couple nearer the water than others, but keep in mind that the town is actually a small peninsula and the ocean is never very far.

If you would like to find your own place there are some links at the bottom of this page for some listing sites.  When choosing a place there are couple things to keep in mind:  Looking at a map you will see places that look closer to Lubec than they really are when you’re on the ground.  For example, Eastport is a really cool town that looks like it's very close, but because of the crinkly coastline it's about an hour drive:

South Lubec is where I did most of my childhood exploring an adventuring, it's also where we are going to have the reception.  It’s close to West Quoddy head, and some really impressive mud flats, but it takes a few minutes in a car to get to the town.

North Lubec is very nice, lots of opportunities for houses with direct access to the ocean.  If being near the ocean is important for you then you should keep in mind that the Bay of Fundy is a sub Arctic body of water.  It is breathtaking both in its sublime and ferocious beauty and in its ferocious ability to inflict hypothermia.  It’s lovely.  There are a lot of rentals out there with back yards that go right down to the beach. But again it takes a little while to get to the town from there.

Campobello is a really great Canadian island that’s reachable by car over the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge.  We'll try to organize at least one trip there for the most acceptable fish and chips on this side of the Atlantic. Along with rental houses there are some nice campgrounds on the island for those of you who’re into that sort of thing and I understand that there are some cousins that are already planning to camp, but it is a bit of a drive and then there’s the bother of having to deal with American Customs to consider.

I do encourage you to find somewhere to stay as soon as you can as we have discovered that many places are already getting booked.  It turns out that the 41st Annual Machias Wild Blueberry Festival has scheduled it’s opening day on August 19th, which is the same day as our Blessed Event.  The 41st Annual Machias Wild Blueberry Festival is a bit like a county fair, but blueberry-centric.  It does mean that it is the single day of the year when there is any traffic at all in the area.  If you are planning on arriving on the day of the wedding I would recommended that you reconsider and come at least a day before as the road to Lubec from anywhere south goes through Machias and it will more than likely be Thick with blueberry enthusiasts.

Here are the places we have currently reserved:

Pleasant Street:

Washington Street:

South Street:

Birch Point:


Sites to find other places:

Visit Lubec Maine:



The 41st Annual Machias Wild Blueberry Festival: