We've been avoiding the registry thing because we feel weird about requesting gifts given we have both been married before, we are supposed to be grown-ups at this point etc etc. For those making the trek to Lubec, please know that just showing up is more than enough of a gift to us! But since some of you have insisted on further suggestions regarding gifts, we have come up with some suggestions. Keep in mind that we would really love things that you think will be meaningful to us, remind us of you, of our friendships, connections, history etc. At the risk of sounding like our parents, we will love anything you made yourself! As long as it’s not made from dry macaroni and paste.

We have set up a space on the registry web site at where if you so desire you may contribute to any of the ideas below, including a commissioned painting.  Here’s the link:


Patronize The Arts!

 Our landlady is a good friend and wonderful artist. We are commissioning her to create a painting to celebrate our marriage, and will happily accept contributions towards that. We have discussed some ideas with her and are really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with! If you’s like to get an idea of the sort of work she does here's a link to Sandy's website:

Ostensibly Why We Live Near A Giant City!

 We would love to take more advantage of some of the amazing stuff going on in Chicago. We made a list of things that we think would be fun for us to do together and with the kids, like concert tickets, museum memberships etc. 

You Can’t Eat Soup With A Tiny Fork!

 In case you weren't already convinced that we are made for each other, we quickly realized that we had each gone on post-divorce shopping trips to IKEA and picked out complementary plates and bowls in exactly the same color.... Awwww. However, our cutlery drawer is somehow filled with tiny forks and not much else, so if you are inclined to more tangible gifts we have included some cutlery choices and a couple of serving bowls. 

Honeymoon In A Balloon!!

 When we were first getting to know each other Jess lived in Evanston Illinois and Adam lived in Oak Park Illinois. Both of these towns are technically within the “Greater Chicagoland Area” but are separated by a tangle of highways and the denser parts of The City of Chicago.  It takes at least an hour in the best conditions to get between the two places.  We spent a lot of time on the phone in those days and Adam thought that the solution to our problem would be to float a hot air balloon equidistant from our two apartments and tether it to both of our window frames.  That way we could climb up the rope and hang out together in the balloon in the evenings.  Adam even created a virtual balloon hanging above Chicago in Google Earth that is equidistant from each or our apartments.  You can actually see our balloon in 3D if you have Google Earth installed. You can download Earth if you don't have it at: Then download this file: baloon.kmz and open it by double clicking it.

It happens that the annual "Crown of Maine Balloon Fest” in Presque Isle Maine is scheduled this year on August 25th through the 28th and so we thought that we would commemorate our time in our imaginary balloon with an actual ride in a real one.